Spare parts

We provide spare parts for our own manufactured fans as well as those from other brands, even if they are no longer in production.

Was the fan made by CBI Group?

If your fan is one of our products, simply click on the "request an offer" button. Then, fill out the subsequent form, ensuring that you provide all the requested information:

  • CBI reference number
  • Type of fan
  • Production date
Progetto senza titolo (81)

Where can this information be found?

All the information can be found on the identification plate situated on the fan.

Was the fan not made by CBI Group?

Thanks to our database we supply and install any original or perfectly interchangeable spare part, applying the mechanical and technical updates that have occured in the meantime.

With the support of the technical and R&D teams, we design and produce components for discontinued fans and fans of any brand.

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